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Rebula is of medium-strong yellow colour. The wine has a discreet smell, with a distinctive smell of tropical fruit. In the mouth, the wine is dry and contains appropriate acidity. The vine is harmonious, of a medium-strong character with medium-long after taste.

Variety: Rebula

Geographical origin: The winegrowing district of Goriška Brda is characterised by a hilly relief and a mild sub-Mediterranean climate.

Type of soil: Marl.

Vineyards: Vineyards are 20 years old, grown according the system of Single Guyot. Planting density is 5 500 grape vines per hectare.

Harvesting: Manual picking of grapes

Vinification: The grapes are pressed with low pressure. Alcohol fermentation is managed at low temperatures in containers of stainless steel. The wine is matured with yeast.

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Carolina Jakončič


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