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Decanter top orange wines from Slovenia available in the UK

Decanter top orange wines from Slovenia available in the UK

Looking for the orange wines in the Decanter Magazine July 2020 article?

All Slovenian orange wines are avalaible here!

Together with the vinoteka and wineries in Slovenia we have created some special taste cases for you. Or let us know what you would like or are looking for and we make a custom package for you and have it delivered at your doorstep. For example, a combination of macerated and matured orange wines (o) with their fresh white (w) equivalents:

1. Ferdinand Brutus Rebula (o) + 2. Ferdinand Rebula (w)
3. Blažič
Rebula Selekcija (o) + 4. Blažič Rebula
5. Emeran Reya Rebula Maceracija (o) + 6. Emeran Reya Rebula (w)

Instead of £144 now for the special ‘Decanter orange wine taste case’ price of £132! Order your box now by mail: 

I want to discover the joy of these orange wines together with their fresh white ones!

Some other orange  (o) + white (w) wine suggestions:

Erzetič Amfora Sivi Pinot (Gris) (o) + Erzetič Sivi Pinot (w)
The Amfora Sivi Pinot won gold at the 2019 Decanter World Wine Awards, the bio certified Sivi Pinot a bronze medal 

Ščurek Kontra (o) + Ščurek Stara Brajda Belo
The Kontra is a “what’s in the name” non-standard orange wine , the Old Vineyard White has won a number of medals in international wine competitions in recent years

Contact us and let us know what you would like to have and we will create together with the vinoteka in Slovenia a custom taste case for you!

Simon Woolf, author of the book on orange wine, Amber Revolution, tasted a number of orange wines we provided to him on behalf of the winemakers, the reviews are on his website, The Morning Claret.

Also check out his Decanter articles for more on Slovenian orange wines:

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