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meet the winemaker Emeran Reya

I met Edvard Reya the day after the Slovenian wine festival, when he picked me up at the bed & breakfast and took me to a restaurant for a private wine tasting of all (!) his wines. Facts & Figures:Brand: Emeran ReyaWinery: Emeran ReyaWinemaker: Edvard ReyaRegion: BrdaPlace: KozanaStart/since:Vineyards, age, size: 10 haNumber of vines planted:Grape…

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Welcome to Slovina!

We will be launching soon, we are building the shop at the moment. Who we are: we are a Dutch couple who experienced the beauty of Slovenia during our summer holiday and there and then discovered these great artisan top quality Slovenian wines, which were unknown to us, a real best kept secret. What we…

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