I am sorry to let you know our Slovina UK shop is temporary closed because of Brexit. We are looking for a UK partner at the moment to help us serve the fine Slovenian wines in Brittain again soon, so you can discover and enjoy these hidden gems at home.


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Support Slovenian winemakers during the Corona crisis: order a box of wine now, with heart for Slovenia!

Slovenian winemakers have been hit hard by the Corona crisis. The vast majority are small family businesses that depend mainly on the local restaurants for turnover, which were completely closed at first and are currently allowed to reopen under strict conditions, but everything is anything but back to normal….

So support Slovenian winemakers by ordering a box of wine from them now: that of your favorite wine, from the region where you have been on holiday or random one, all packages help!

So order a box of wine now and we will ensure that it is delivered directly from the winemaker to your home. Even if it is not yet in our range, we will take care of it (as long as the winemaker can or wants to, of course).

We do this on a non-profit basis, the price you pay is the price that the winemaker receives plus the direct costs such as transport, special packaging, customs duties and taxes. So what’s holding you back? So mail us now and order that box of wine, with heart for Slovenia!

I want to support a Slovenian winemaker!

Slovenia, one of the best kept secrets in the wine world

Slovenia has one of the oldest wine traditions in the world. Winemaking in Slovenia existed long before the Romans introduced it to France, Germany and Spain; since the time of the Celts.

The experts already know and shared. Read all about it there. Or better, experience the taste yourself from here.

Discover some of these hidden wine gems yourself by ordering a great tasting experience in a box now

We have got a selection of fine wines for you and are adding new pearls to our shop continiously. With over 30,000 official registered grape and wine growers and more than 2,300 registered wine producers who also bottle their wine in Slovenia, there are a lot more wine treasures still to be found.

All prices are including VAT and delivery costs, with a minimum order of one box

We couldn’t make it more transparent for you. No hidden costs, no surprises. We only ask you to order 1 box with 6 bottles of one winery. Or our vinoteka box with a selection of wines we think you will enjoy as well. That’s it.

Delivered straight to your door from the winemakers

All wines are picked & packed at the wineries or in the local vinoteka and shipped to you by courier, delivery time between 3 to 5 working days.

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